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Comfitex Teenz - Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge

When fluid comes from your vagina, it is known as vaginal discharge. This discharge is completely normal and is, in fact, quite important as it keeps your vagina healthy. The discharge can be thick or thin, clear or milky and shouldn’t cause you any grief. If you are experiencing discharge which causes itchiness, burning, has a strong odour, or is grey or green in colour, then you need to see your doctor or gynaecologist immediately as this could be the sign of an infection. You may also notice some brown discharge before or after your period. This is known as spotting and is completely normal.

Additionally, with the extreme heat we face in South Africa, even normal vaginal discharge can cause some irritation due to sweat. Always use cotton underwear and avoid clothing that will not let the skin breathe (such as skin-tight jeans or pantyhose). Investing in the Comfitex Feminine Wipes will also help keep you feeling fresh all day, every day.