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Comfitex Teenz - Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair removal is done mainly for beauty purposes and is totally your choice, however the removal of underarm and pubic hair is important for good hygiene. Remember to always follow the instructions on your product packaging for safe and effective hair removal. If you decide that it is time to start getting rid of your body hair, then follow our tips:


This method involves using a razor to remove the hairs from your body. Apply Loving Touch Shaving Gel to your skin before slowly running your Loving Touch razor over to remove the hair. Doing this lets you enjoy a smoother finish and will help avoid painful nicks and cuts.


A warm, sticky wax is applied to your skin followed by a cloth strip over the waxed area. After a few minutes (follow the product instructions), you will need to quickly pull off the cloth strip, removing the unwanted hair and dead skin cells with it. There is less risk of cuts and ingrown hair with waxing, but it is quite painful and can be expensive.


You can also opt for hair removal creams – simply apply the cream to your body, wait a few minutes (as per the instructions) and then wipe away. This might be the least painful option, but these creams are expensive and take more time than simply shaving.


You can tweeze or thread the excess hairs from your face either by yourself or at a salon. If you want to do this at home, you may want to watch some videos online or learn from someone experienced on how to effectively thread and tweeze.